DPF 360 is your closed loop solution.

What do we mean by closed loop? It’s simple, OEM manufactured DPF’s and DOC’s life cycle from sale to service and then back to OEM. A DPF or DOC will come to us for service and repairs or to be remanufactured throughout its life. At the end of life it will also come to us for recycling. The reclaimed PGM’s (Platinum Group Metals) will make its way back to the OEMs for new DPF’s and DOC’s. And then the process begins all over again.

DPF 360 is the only company that offers all of these services under one roof.

 Using DPF 360 for your DPF/DOC Cleaning gives you the advantage of the fastest possible turn around with the best quality at competitive pricing. You will also have the ability to purchase clamps and gaskets.

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